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Learn how to best utilize Curamei's functionalities to enhance quality of care.

Managing Patients


Patients can share their health data access with you, but before you can see anything, you must first confirm the patient if there were previously no permissions given to you by that patient. To do this, simply navigate to the Patients page and see if there are pending users at the top of the screen. Confirming the patient will enable you to access that patient's data. If you do not suspect that the patient is yours, you are highly encouraged to ignore the request. To remove a patient from your account, you can choose to remove using the trash can icon.

Patients page

After receiving access permissions and confirming your patient, you can view that patient's data on the Medical Records, Manual Uploads, Digital Health, and Narrative screens by using the global dropdown at the top of the screen. For instance, observe how selecting the patient "John Adams" shows the Manual Uploads of John Adams in the below screenshot.

Global dropdown