Share Complete Health Data with Providers

We facilitate patient-centric care collaboration across the health ecosystem to equitably improve quality of care

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Enabling patients

Enabling patients to take charge of their own health

  • Access all of your information in one place
  • Simplify sharing health information with care providers
  • Make managing a healthy lifestyle easier

Enabling patients

Enabling providers to deliver data-driven quality care

  • Save time, money, and sanity
  • Get consistent access to data from other care providers
  • Strengthen your direct relationship with patients

Patient simplifying health records

Keep track of medical records in a simplified format.

Medical records data can be aggregated from manually uploaded image and document files as well as patient portal data in the Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format. Through Curamei, you can easily access these files at any time and view important information in your patient portal data.

Get a generated summary of health data to see the big picture.

Aggregated health data can be summarized and displayed as a generated narrative to get a quick overview of the patient's health from the ease of a single screen and to spend more time looking for and acting on anomalies across the health data.

narrative imagery

Access digital health application data in one common place.

Connect your digital health applications to Curamei and see collected data from a singular place. Combining these digital health apps with the context of medical records data will truly reveal the potential of digital health monitoring and diganosis.

Web of digital health apps

Control access to your medical data.

Manage exactly which providers can see different parts of your health data and gain the ability to get straight to the point to discuss treatment options and long-term wellness objectives knowing that your provider knows what is necessary.

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See critical background health information.

No more handling loads of paperwork, faxes, and cumbersome EHR interfaces. Just directly correspond with your patients for their personal health information and save on the administrative burdens of getting background infromation critical to delivering quality care.