Our Motivations

How Curamei resolves the greatest problems of health data fragmentation

Patients are prone to forgetting critical information that could impact their health.

By allowing patients to aggregate health information from various sources, the Curamei platform enables users to then see the overiew of all their connected data in a concise and digestible manner.

Electronic health records cannot be quickly exchanged between healthcare providers.

Patients can connect to patient portals from thousands of health system endpoints and share access to connected EHR data directly to providers, bypassing the troubles of provider-to-provider transmission of data.

Physicians need faster and more consistent access to patient medical history data.

Provider users can review the most current data from their patients' patient portals, physical documentation, and digital health products with just the patient's direct in-app approval.

Insights from digital health technology are difficult to incorporate into care plans.

By connecting digital health products to Curamei and patients can quickly and effectively review digital health data from the same place as patient portal records and manual uploads.

Many health IT products with poor user-friendliness add to the burdens of providers.

Our platform is built for facilitating the coordination of care, which entails taking earnest feedback directly from our users, and not the billing requirements of an insurer.

Adopting new technology is an expensive affair which may not even work with existing data.

Acting as a one-piece-fits-all platform, Curamei ingests data from various technologies to allow providers to access relevant data through the intuitive Curamei platform.