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Learn how to best utilize Curamei's functionalities to enhance quality of care.

What is Curamei?

Patients Providers

Curamei is a platform for facilitating effective care collaboration by enabling patients to seamlessly use tools to aggregate their health data and share with providers. By empowering patients with this level of control, Curamei not only allows patients to have awareness of what data is being accessed by different healthcare actors but also creates opportunities for more meaningful patient-provider relationships wherein less time is wasted coordinated on collecting huge masses of data scattered across different sources of information.

Collecting Health Data

There are various forms of data that Curamei currently supports, with plans to expand the types and vendors of supported health data in the future to allow patients to create a more comprehensive summary of their healthcare history.

Electronic Health Records

Patients can search for their health system patient portals and use login credentials to allow data to be accessible from the Curamei platform. Alternatively, patients also have the option to manually upload their data in electronic record form.

Digital Health Data

Using login credentials for Fitbit, patients can connect Fitbit devices to the Curamei platform. More digital health products and apps to track health will be supported soon.

Manually Uploaded Documents

Many patients have important documents as files and images, and keeping track of those papers can be useful down the road for treatment details and costs. With manual uploads, patients can upload documents and images then categorize them by the relevant practitioner.

Sharing Health Data

Access Controls

Patients have the ability to share different health data to their individual providers on Curamei. After confirming the patient's request to share data, the provider can access the health data via the Curamei platform. At any time necessary, the patient has the ability to immediately revoke access to data from the provider.


To enable providers to gain a quick overview of patient health and immediately dive into specific parts of the patient's health data, Curamei generates a patient narrative based on the connected EHR and digital health data. This narrative is visible to both the patient and provider. For the provider, narrative text will only be provided to data which the patient granted access to.