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Learn how to best utilize Curamei's functionalities to enhance quality of care.

Leveraged Technologies

Patients Providers

Empowering patients to enhance care collaboration and quality of care means going beyond providing a platform. Our mission also involves being transparent about the core technologies that enable Curamei's powerful functionalities to remain so robust in an industry characterized by data and software standards fragmentation.

Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

To facilitate standardized exchange of data, all medical records data is stored in the FHIR standard which enables it to be easily loaded from patient portals and stored in secure cloud storage. Using FHIR offers the advantage of organizing vast amounts of health data within a format that can be used for easily managing access permissions of different users and generating narratives for providers.


OAuth enables users to grant Curamei access to data on other platforms, like patient portals and digital health product dashboards. The user uses login credentials to verify to the other platform that permission to access data is being given to Curamei. Then, the platform provides Curamei with a token that can be used to access data without Curamei needing to read user login credentials, thus keeping other platform login credentials safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a protocol wherein a platform user can only access the account after providing more than one piece of evidence of identity. By requiring entering a confirmation code send through text, MFA ensures that Curamei user accounts cannot be compromised simply through another actor gaining access to login credentials. This additional level of security ensures that the sensitive nature of health data is protected.

Social Login

Login methods such as those that allow users to "Sign In with Google" enable users to access the Curamei platform by using sign-in procedures on another social media service. This makes the login process seamless for users who are more comfortable using the more popular social network services and gives the login process of Curamei the protection of a larger social network's sign-in protocol.