Make Clinical Guidelines an Asset, Not a Headache

Embed decision support within your clinical workflows to bolster reimbursement and compliance

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Guidelines are Everywhere

Emergency Room Clinical Practice
Hospital Admission Medical Necessity
Clinical Trial Enrollment

These guidelines have become increasingly complex and logistically straining to keep up with.

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Staff do not have time to monitor guidelines alongside existing workloads
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Health IT products are inflexible to supporting integrated decision support
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Poor guideline adherence drives up costs and leaves revenue opportunities unclaimed
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Decision support can augment and enhance productivity without changing existing workflows

Context-Aware Triggers

Have decision support workflows trigger on webpage navigation, user interface actions, and time-based evennts.

Informational Prompts

Present users with checklists and informational prompts on how to adhere to configured guidelines.

Automated Data Integration

Leverage triggered workflows to facilitate exchange of data between software systems instead of needing manual data entry.

We integrate with various EHRs

Don't see your software? Contact us and we can build out a new integration!

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How can eCC improve your operational sustainability?

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