A Wallet for Your Health Information

Stay on top of your medical history and have the power to effortlessly share it with any doctor.


Patients have the ability to stay on top of the details of their health history and choose who can access it.


Care providers no longer have to be faxed medical records from other providers or get patients to fill paperwork.

Aggregate Data

Connect to Your Patient Portals

Authorize connection to your patient portals, so that your medical records from various health systems can be stored and maintained within your centralized Curamei health record.

Upload Files About Your Health

Directly upload any pictures and files that could help yourself or other doctors get a better idea of treatment and diagnoses you have received from providers without supported patient portals.

Share Access Directly to Providers

No more signing off for doctors to get your medical records faxed from other doctors, and no more endless paperwork to fill out the same information again. Use Curamei to immediately give your doctor permission to view your medical history.

Generate a Summary of Your Health

Searching through files and datasheets is unnecessary. Patients and doctors can use the generated text narrative to see the human-readable summary of health history to then identify what actually needs more attention.

Access Your Information Anywhere

Our cloud-enabled platform enables you to access your Curamei health record on any browser, Android, or iOS device.

Aggregate Digital Health Data

Your wearable trackers can tell a great deal about your lifestyle and bodily function. Make it a part of your health record by authorizing Curamei to aggregate this valuable data.


Google FIT

Garmin Health

Apple Health

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