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Learn how to best utilize Curamei's functionalities to enhance quality of care.

Benefits for Providers


Our goal in creating Curamei was to empower patients to take charge of their health data, but the benefits of giving patients such a level of control means that Curamei becomes a powerful care collaboration tool that helps providers deliver better care to their patients. In zeroing in on the patient-provider relationship, we have made sure to design Curamei so that it is user friendly and powerful for both providers and patients.

Care collaboration gives providers the intense benefit of savings in time and money. Facilitating consistent communication and data exchange with patients allows providers to remain updated on developments in the patient's medical history. Enabling patients to be the source and gatekeeper of data means that providers are not reliant on other providers and payers passing data down.

Free of the limitations of human memory, Curamei's ability to reference a vast amount of health data means providers will have the greatest possible availability of information. The user-friendly interface and powerful technology will save countless work hours otherwise spent inspecting old documentation and asking patients questions which may not even provide sufficent details.

Current limitations of access to patient data cost providers not only in administrative burdens, but also face-to-face time with patients. One study found that physicians spend an average of over 16 minutes using EHR for each visiting patient. Considering many physicians spend only 15 minutes in face-to-face interactions with patients, it is no wonder that the burdens of using poorly designed EHR are so aggressively contributing to burnout.

The same study found physicians spend 33% of their time reviewing charts and 24% documenting encounters. Shaving minutes off the time required to review charts and make effective treatment plans would compound with each patient and translate to hours of saved time over the course of a year.