We're designing the first patient-centric interoperability platform.

Curamei streamlines the process of keeping track of and sharing health data by centering everything on the power of the patients to take charge of their information.

When coordinating care is impossible

High quality of care is directly tied to the ability of the patient and care provider to collaborate on creating the best care plans and lifestyle changes.

Automated data management and sharing in healthcare is rare despite advancements in cybersecurity and mobile devices. Having to depend on faxed records and word-of-mouth, the state of care collaboration is stuck in the past.

Putting in place a system for patients to put their health data in one place and providing the means for exchanging information with providers to guide care decision-making will keep actors on the same page and directly enhance the patient-provider relationship.


Our Story

Our team has a wide ranging set of expertise in fields from software design to public policy and healthcare technology transformation. When developing the alpha for Curamei, we made a strong commitment to constantly adjusting to feedback from care providers and other healthcare experts.

In developing Curamei, we have sought to ensure that the platform also suits the constraints of low-income and underserved communities. From the launch of our alpha, we've been actively reaching out and working with community health and social care organizations to make the platform as accessible and affordable as possible.


Next steps

High on our priorities are rolling out the Curamei platform onto the Google Playstore and Apple App Stores to ensure that the platform is most accessible to patients who prefer using smartphone apps.

As we continue to collect feedback, partner with providers, and expand the platform, we will be working to create functionalities that will feature more direct patient-provider interactions such as the ability to administer surveys and questionnaires, support for appointment scheduling, and direct messaging.

With more time, we hope to more directly improve Curamei as a general health lifestyle tool by enabling patients to search for eligible community health programs, receive reminders on public health notices, and tracking of referrals for social care.

Through working with more actors like public health organizations and payers, and through supporting more types of data aggregation, we hope to build the ultimate platform which will truly overcome the challenges of health data fragmentation.